Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Chandigarh Police is always looking for new avenues to enhance its delivery of public services to the citizens of Chandigarh with the help of new and latest technologies.

Lodging a police report about a lost document or object becomes indispensable where it is a prerequisite for reissue of the lost document i.e. Passport Driving Licence, Registration certificate of vehicle , Educational Certificates, PAN Card etc. Such losses are very often detected by victims after a gap of time and even the exact place and time of loss may also not be known to them. In particular, persons travelling through Chandigarh or tourists find it very difficult to go back to the place where the document or article may have been lost and lodge a report in the Police Station for getting a new document issued or to make claims of insurance. Therefore Chandigarh Police has decided to enable Mobile Phone and web based reporting of such lost/missing articles without the need to go to a police station. This report can be lodged from anywhere and print out can be taken with a digitally signed copy which will be sent to the complainant on the given e-mail ID. Such digitally authenticated certificates can be verified online by the officer or agency where such certificates are to be presented.

Question 01. What is the procedure for lodging a report?

Answer.                 Visit Chandigarh Police website www.chandigarhpolice.nic.in and follow the ‘LOST REPORT’ Module.

Question 02. What happens after I submit my information?

Answer.                 A digitally signed ‘LOST REPORT’ will be instantly sent back on the complainant’s mobile phone and on the e-mail address.

Question 03. What types of complaints can be lodged?

Answer.                 This service can be used to lodge a ‘LOST REPORT’ for any article/document lost in Chandigarh. A copy of such police report is very often a prerequisite for                                    obtaining a duplicate document or a new document. This can also prevent misuse of such lost document or article. Such reporting may also be mandatory to                                    make insurance claims of lost articles.

Question 04. What types of complaints cannot be lodged?

Answer.                 This is not an emergency response service and should not be used to contact the police if:
                               • A crime has taken place or is in progress
                               • The suspect(s) involved in the crime is/are still at the scene or in the vicinity.
                               • Someone’s life or property is in immediate danger.
                               • Someone has been injured in the incident.
                               • The report pertains to a missing person.
                               • Physical evidence such as blood stains, fingerprints have been found at a suspected scene of crime.
                               • Missing/lost articles are related to any crime.
                               • Report regarding stolen vehicles.
                               In the above situations or in any other emergency: Always call 100 or contact the nearest police station.

Question 05. What is the significance of LR No ?

Answer.                 The ‘LOST REPORT’ bears a unique Lost Report number (LR No) about the information lodged. This LR Number can be used for future search and retrieval                                    of a copy of the report by any agency to establish the authenticity of the report.

Question 06. What types of complaints can be lodged?

Answer.                 This service can be used to lodge a ‘LOST REPORT’ for any article/document lost in Chandigarh. A copies of such a police report is very often a prerequisite                                    for obtaining a duplicate document or a new document. This can also prevent misuse of such lost document or article.

Question 07. I have not received an e-mail confirmation even though I have submitted my report?

Answer.                 You may have accidentally provided a wrong e-mail address or your e-mail inbox is full.
                                   You may also check the spam box of your email. You can contact the MOB Sector 17 Chandigarh on phone No 0172-2700394 to check the status of your                                    report.

Question 08. How a ‘LOST REPORT’ can be verified?

Answer.                 Any person, institution or organization can verify the ‘LOST REPORT’ by filling LR No. in the search link of the application on the Chandigarh Police website                                    www.chandigarhpolice.nic.in. The digitally signed certificate will be displayed on screen which can be used to compare the certificate produced by the                                    applicant.

Question 09. Whether a foreigner can I lodge a ‘LOST REPORT’ online?

Answer.                 Yes foreigner can lodge a police report through this application if he/she has lost any document or any article is misplaced in territorial jurisdiction of                                    Chandigarh (UT).

Question 10. Is any investigation/enquiry done by police after lodging of a complaint?

Answer.                 This application is only to inform the Police regarding loss of document/article. The Police will not investigate or make any enquiries on the information                                    lodged in this Application but will only keep a record of it for future reference by any person or agency.

Question 11. What are the mandatory fields in the form?

Answer.                 Except for the fields of day (DD) and time (HH- MM), all other fields are mandatory.

Question 12. Is the report considered valid to get a duplicate document issued?

Answer.                 Yes, it is digitally signed and can be verified online by the authority which has to reissue a lost document.

Question 13. What action will be taken if complainant lodged any false report?

Answer.                 False complaint/information to the police is a punishable offence.

Question 14. Whether the print out of report taken is to be submitted in any police station?

Answer.                 There is no need to submit the copy of print out of Lost Report in the Police Station.

Question 15. Whether “LOST REPORT” can be lodged if article/document is lost outside the area of Chandigarh?

Answer.                 Users have to mention the area of Chandigarh only. Moreover, if any article is lost during a train/bus/air journey to or from Chandigarh and its exact place of                                    loss of articles cannot be reasonably ascertained, a complaint can be lodged.

Question 16. Whether “LOST REPORT” can be retrieved or not?

Answer.                 Yes, it can be retrieved through search link on the module.

Question 17. Which Android OS version is compatible with Android Mobile App?

Answer.                 Android 2.2 and above.
                                    Iphone 4 and above.
                                    Windows 8 and above.

Question 18. Is a DATA connection mandatory?

Answer.                 Yes.

Question 19. What are the charges for downloading and using Chandigarh Police App?

Answer.                 Chandigarh Police offers to download Mobile Application FREE of charge to the public. Public can download and use this application as and when needed                                    without any charges. Your mobile operator will levy charges for use of GPRS/ 3G. Please check with your operator for further details.

Question 20. How to register for the first time?

Answer.                 You have to take the following steps to register your self through application.
                               • Download the application on your device or visit Chandigarh police web site www.chandigarhpolice.nic.in and click on the relevant button for lodging report
                               • Register on the application by giving name, Mobile number Date of Birth and E-mail ID and press submit button
                               • Enter Captcha
                               • You will get OTP (One time Password) on your given Mobile Number
                               • Enter OTP and login
                               • A new window will appear on the screen
                               • Fill up details of lost article/document and press register
                               • A digitally signed copy of Lost Article report will be sent on the given e-mail ID
                               • Click on View button to view the report and you can also take the print out

Question 21. How existing user can lodge a report?

Answer.                 You have to take the following steps :
                               • Login with your registered mobile number
                               • You will get OTP (One Time Password) on your mobile
                               • Enter OTP in the OTP Box
                               • Captcha Code displayed on the screen
                               • A new window will appear on the screen
                               • A digitally signed copy of Lost Article report will be sent on the given e-mail ID

Question 22. How I can report loss of more than one item?

Answer.                 You have to click on the (+) button in front of the first lost article to add additional lost items.

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